Christmas @ FBC

December 6 - December 12

Drive-Thru Festival: Sunday, 12/6 5-6 PM

Hop in the car and drive on over to FBC Tarrytown, where you’ll be treated to a beautiful visual display, complete with the Gospel message, as you pick up your “bag of Christmas fun,” including materials for this year’s “Gingerbread” contest and crafts. You won’t even need to get out of your car – this event is custom-designed for you to breeze right through, celebrating safely and with minimal contact.

Gingerbread House Decorating

Take your items from your “bag of Christmas fun” home to create your gingerbread creations. Then, take photos and send them to, where they’ll be placed on the church website ( for viewing. So that we can better prepare, click here to let us know how many children you have participating. This year’s categories are: 1. Traditional “gingerbread” – basic materials provided by FBC Tarrytown (supplement as you wish) 2. Craft “gingerbread” - basic materials provided by FBC Tarrytown (supplement as you wish) 3. Lego “gingerbread” – Participants must provide their own Lego materials; none provided by FBC.

FBC Virtual Food Contest – Rolls and Pies – Oh My! Deadline for entries: December 8th at 5pm

Our virtual food contest has two special categories this year. Since we cannot taste the items due to the pandemic, we’ll look at photos of them – and the recipes – instead on the church website, to judge on creativity and presentation. If you’d like to enter the food contest, please contact Wanda Myers at:


Category 1: Cake Rolls Need ideas? Check out this link:

Category 2: Pie – Sweet or Savory From Chicken Pot Pie to your grandma’s famous Apple Pie recipe, the sky’s the limit for this category.



Join us on Zoom for caroling, fun traditions and the announcements of the Gingerbread and Food Contest winners!

Here is the link:

Check out these photos from past Festivals!